It’s the final countdown!

Riding a stage of the Tour de France, L’Etape du Tour, is a daunting task and one that our daughter and her husband have been planning for since January. Sharon and Michael are now in Briancon waiting for tomorrow’s start at 8.30am, filled with that cocktail mix of fear, self doubt, and excitement. I know that mix so well just before summit day of a Himalayan peak; have I trained enough, will my knee hold out, am I good enough, have I bitten off more than I can chew, what will the weather do, is this too difficult, can I complete in time …. and … will I survive? Why on earth do we do things like this …. “like father like daughter” maybe, oh hell is this madness of achievement drive genetic! Never mind, come on YOU CAN DO IT!

The Year of Sharon

The Alps just cannot be mistaken with its dramatic landscape and the look and feel of the stunning Alpine villages. We are definitely in the Alps!!

We’ve now registered and have our official race numbers, it couldn’t be more exciting! With just 24 hours left until we start, today we have a race briefing and need to get our kit ready, eat and rest.

We soaked up a little of the Tour De France excitement yesterday in the Tour village to try and relax, a really amazing place to be and a rare opportunity to chill out.

On wandering through the village we discovered the Etape wall of names for 2017… we eventually find our names in long list! Very cool!! 😎 #weareintherace!

24 hours and counting!

Days remaining: 1

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