Burgundy, the art of the Brasserie.

The words “France” and “culture” definitely go together and nowhere is this more evident than in a typical French brasserie where they have preserved and cared for their traditions. Sadly the English pub was sacrificed long ago on the altar of economic productivity as we replaced wood with plastic, conversation with piped music, and local food with panini, pizza and burgers. Sad! Try asking for Lancashire Hot Pot, Cumberland Stew, Toad in the Hole, Welsh Rarebit, Scotch Broth, Tripe n Onions, Jellied Eels, Shepherds Pie! Look around you too at the decor …… does it resonate with or signify ANYTHING about where you are or add to your immediate experience? Probably not, but sit in a French brasserie and …….. relax!





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  1. Yes hoping that most, if not all, of the places we plan to visit have retained their French charm and culture!

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