Joe: How a Homeless Man Changed My Life

I came across this post from a blogger who had submitted it on a WordPress Photo Challenge and was utterly captivated by an idea of giving “Blessing Bags” instead of cash to homeless people. Do read it and use the idea, we are taking it up too.

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poor-1775239_1920One thing Hawaii doesn’t advertise about in its travel brochures is the over abundance of “homeless” people.

I was shocked when we stepped off of the plane and headed towards Waikiki and saw tents lining the streets. This was NOT the “paradise” you see on the post cards! There were so many homeless camps and my heart just sunk.

Before long, I couldn’t just sit around without doing anything any longer! I wanted to help and passing out my left overs from Hard Rock Cafe was just not enough!

I was reminded of my first experience with the homeless.

When we lived in Nebraska, I worked at Creighton University which was part of Creighton University Medical Center. I saw an advertisement one day that the hospital was going to be hosting an event for the homeless called, “Project Homeless Connect Omaha.” This was the first opportunity I really had…

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