How to make the bullet journal work for you

A second reblog from Karabi and one focusing on using an “old fashioned” mode of daily planning, to do lists, creative thinking ….. pen and paper! I like it because it recognises what so many of us spend too much time on which is “making it look nice” instead of putting the journal to goo use. Take Karabi’s advice, it’s common sense!

I want the Zen Life

As some of you might be aware, I started using a bullet journal a few weeks ago. During the first week, I had mixed feelings about it, and I almost gave up on it last week. And, then it occurred to me. I was more concerned about the “look” of my bullet journal than the actual “functionality” of it. And, this was natural. Looking at all the beautiful bullet journals out there, of course I wanted to make my journal look pretty. I wanted to use stickers and colors and beautify it. However, that was taking way too much time. 

That’s when I realized that I didn’t need to make my bullet journal pretty. It was supposed to make me more productive and efficient. 

It was just an efficient way to have all your tasks, to-do lists and appointments in one place, along with page numbers, so that you can…

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