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A simple plant grows, blossoms, creates seeds which are borne on the wind as the plant dies. The seed lands, germinates, grows, blossoms ….. you get the picture! This is Transient Nature, the life cycle of a plant, but it’s a “universal law” of human life too and a central tenet of Buddhism with IMPERMANENCE being an element of one of the Four Noble Truths.  We cling to things which have no permanence, everything in our lives is constantly changing, friendships, careers, relationships, the weather, governments, laws, and then we become dissatisfied when we cannot keep what we had! In fact the whole universe is in a state of transience, where science uses the term “entropy” from the original Greek word entropia meaning transformation; simplistically the universe and everything in it is moving towards a greater state of disorder.

So, understand the universality of Transience, accept it, embrace it even for a more peaceful and satisfying life, completely free of the expectation of everything staying the same.

 Impermanence is a principle of harmony, don’t struggle against it, and you will be in harmony with reality.

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  2. Love this one! Did you know that the dandelion is the flower of the military child? I shared a very nice poem that was read at my sons school this spring that reminds me of this post. Especially how you mention “everything in our lives is constantly changing, friendships, careers, relationships, the weather, governments, laws”. It ties the concept you speak of with the life of a military child. Puts this momma to tears every time I read it!

    You might enjoy it as well:

    I’m going to share this post and I look forward to seeing more of your photo challenges!

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  3. A perfect click and we’ll articulated post to accompany it Dr. B!

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  4. Love this article Dr. B. Impermanence is a fact if life that very few of us are unable to deal with. I hope your post helps someone else too with this fact of life.

    On another note, how’s the vacation going?

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    • Our next one begins in 3 weeks time to France for a month. We have been at home since returning from USA in May.

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      • Aaah! I must have missed that. I admire how you and Dr. C are living such a full and fun life (touchwood) where many, at that age, just want to hang up thier boots and stay in and watch TV. Enjoy the trip Dr. 😊

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      • Thank you so much! It will be good to post about our travels again instead of philosophical stuff 😂😂 I hope you will follow us around the vineyards of France, our daughter with us for the first week after her 200km cycle race there!

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      • Oh, she races? Wow! Yes, I will look forward to your travel posts. Hope you post them along with the wine too 😉

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