It was hot, it was hard…

Our daughter is a very private person who mostly shuns social media but blogs discreetly about her fitness regime training for the Tour de France Etape, a section of the TdF each year that is open to a public ride a couple of days before the pro riders tackle it. This year it’s a gruelling 178km ride with two major climbs from Briancon to Izoard, Stage 18 of the actual Tour with roads closed and full backup and support thrown in. You can see what it’s about at the official site L’Etape du Tour.
Sharon is an astute businesswoman working for a large US organisation but with a strong sense of work-life balance which revolves around, family, holidays, and fitness especially triathlons and cycling. Over the past few months she has trained systematically and with great commitment towards the Etape, and yesterday completed a trial run of 170km in a local Sportive around Wiltshire, passing such sights as The White Horse and Avebury Stone Circles on the undulating route, but stopping to help a fellow racer struggling with a puncture. Here’s her tale of the day:

The Year of Sharon

…It was hot and it was hard!

I’m gonna give you the headline news straight away… we just did a 100 mile sportive!!! 100 miles!! 😂👍😜😲🤤😬🤔🤣

At the beginning of this year we still hadn’t covered 50 miles in one ride and now we’ve done 100.

I’m pretty pleased with the time, 9 hours and 2 seconds. Which meant an average speed of 11.1mph and on the hottest day of the year at about 29C. Definitely has to be the best simulation to the actual Etape.

The first part of the route only had a couple hills and had some amazing views across the open fields of Wiltshire, I’d never really noticed just how much beautiful countryside there was in this area. So the initial 32 miles to the first feed station and check point we were flying at an average speed of 14.5mph and with a few riders taking…

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