Venice Art Walls: Caution Wet Paint

Fancy having a go at your own street art? If you’re in Los Angeles then get yourself down to the Venice Art Walls recommended by Hilary in her blog. This is a great concept in LA where folks are free to paint the Walls at weekends provided you have a permit. Have you tried it yet Hilary? Show us your stuff!



If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’m a  fan of street art! I spend a good amount of my free time seeking out and enjoying the murals and graffiti art throughout Los Angeles, and lately, any other city I visit. Lucky for me there’s no shortage in LA! Although, It was my visit to Lisbon a few years ago that really awakened my love of this art genre and since then I’ve been hard at work curating my  collection!

#veniceI love art museums too, but there’s something so wonderful about a giant piece of art out there in the open for everyone to enjoy. You might just see it out of the corner of your eye as you walk or drive by, but if you do have the time or inclination, its there for you to admire at your leisure any time of day or night. Stay as long as…

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