Camera across America: #5 Denver-best and worst!

The Worst

A previous post lauded the service culture we have experienced across USA over the past 30 years. But, we have just experienced the exact opposite of this, so let’s begin with the WORST of Denver, Colorado. Taxi drivers!
We exited the Denver Art Museum and hailed a cab asking for the Brazilian Steakhouse  Fogo de Chao. “What’s the address” he asked! We told him we didn’t know but that it was somewhere near Union Station. “Can’t take you unless you give me address” he replied! So we tried to get a good phone signal and googled it giving him the address, which he then entered in his satnav which showed Brazilian Steakhouse. It seemed beyond him to enter the restaurant name himself and get the address. Thinking this a one off we finished lunch and hailed a cab to take us to The Forney Museum of Transport to be met with the same question. We googled the address for him and then watched the meter go beyond what should have been a $8 fare rise up to $20 because he couldn’t find the place. Then he tried to drop us off in a derelict industrial area but we refused to get out so he started driving round again till he saw the museum building. Finally you guessed it, it happened again with the third cab wanting the address for our hotel, one of the largest in downtown Denver. A very, very , negative experience for a couple of ageing tourists on their first day in the city.

The Best

Now to the best of Denver, the Denver Art Museum, the collection of The Native American Indian, no words needed except beautiful, stunning, memorable. Let the photos do the rest:

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  1. Taxi drivers should be avoided everywhere, I really resent paying the exorbitant fares.
    Now that is what I call a headdress!

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