Blogosphere a virtual reality for some?


We are surrounded in the Blogosphere by many who seem to live in a virtual reality world. A world in which there is no misogyny except by Donald Trump, a world in which the only racists are those who wish to protect their own identity by controlling immigration, a world where nations with no borders represents some form of utopia instead of actually being  a dystopian nightmare. Can anyone actually tell me of a couple of countries without borders with freedom of movement that are utopian?

These virtual reality bloggers write poetry, describe a city like they are the first people to visit or discover it, ignore the rapes in Cologne, ignore the female slavery in Rotherham, write more poetry, take photos of candles. 

They occupy the BBC and other MSM outlets interviewing each other as if they were the paragons of information , they have no idea how to communicate with others except through Twitter, Facebook, and What’s App. They are not interested in discussion, dialogue or reflection. They occupy universities around the world and ban anyone from speaking in meetings or debates if their views conflict. They have never seen the racist bile churned out by the Black Lives Matter mob who advocate so much violence and rape against white women and the police.They know nothing of rappers advocating violence against journalists. They have no idea or concern that Obama banned immigration from countries 19 TIMES! That’s worth repeating …… Obama banned immigration more than Trump. But the virtue signallers don’t care about that.

Time to stand up and be counted, time to expose them, answer them back, time to expose their fake news and their news of omission, time to say ….. “I’m Spartacus”! And remember this:

Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right. Theodore Roosevelt 


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  1. Another example is when people condemn “cultural shaming” in the West. In other words, what right do Christians have to make people feel bad for their actions?

    They don’t realize (or don’t care) that shaming is a fundamental practice in all cultures, be it in Polynesia or Bolivia. It’s how a tribe codifies a social norm.

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  2. Good post but a similar hashtag-driven Groupthink also exists on the alt right, by people using Twitter.

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    • Action and reaction methinks? But I disagree with both forms as they step outside dialogue and enter personal abuse.

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      • In either case, it is a one-dimensional world-view; the assumption that supporting one particular issue, ‘Brexit’, being the most obvious one – an issue which has remained unresolved ever since ‘Brentry’ without a referendum to what was the EEC – means supporting certain politicians in other countries who have jumped on the bandwagon.

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