I hate springtime and it hates me back!

My regular followers on WordPress and Instagram will be wondering why many posts these days are of indoor things and not outdoors or travel. The answer is connected to these photos ……. and my bloody allergies!

Why did I have to get allergic reactions to almost every type of pollen known to man from March onwards? It starts with Hawthorn, Palm, Catkins, then continues through May with the yellow flowers of the Rape crop.
The pain up my nose is awful, my eyes itch, I have a headache and feel sick. Tablets, nose sprays and face washes are followed by lying down in a dark room.
I didn’t get any of this for the first 65 years of my life, so why now …. and why ME?

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  1. My struggle is with winter, at least in my current location, Michigan.

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  2. oh, don’t know ‘why you’… but i don’t wanna be on your place, with that kind of allergy…thats I know for sure :)) difficult to enjoy the all beauty around..

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