An interesting “alternative perspective” on Buddha, a man who saw the misery of the sick, the old, the poor, then deserted his wife and children, sat under a tree, and thought about things! Despite being rich and able to directly help people …… Do read the comments section too ….. enlightening!

Rethinking Life

He’s been holding the “hope” stone for years.  It’s hope that the flower will grow and be happy.  It’s hope that all animals who visit are healthy, well fed and happy.  It’s hope for happiness in general.  I figure that since he has his eyes closed and never moves, I may as well put him t work.

See, when I look at Buddha I see a guy who goes to a movie (life) and refuses to watch the film.  He gives up all responsibility and just takes care of himself.  If we all did what Buddha did we would already be extinct, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the way things would be.  No one to fill the begging bowls, no children to indoctrinate.  All the people in the world would sit and then sit some more.  Women might not be allowed to sit, never being good enough…

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