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A kindred blogger caring about the environment and caring FOR it too by picking up the trash along the Monocacy River near her home.


2016-10-05-09.50.28.jpg.jpgKit-Kat in Black and White

When first beginning my blog, I hoped to capture some beauty in the trash I find. Occasionally I entertain myself with close studies that approach (yes, merely approach) the artistic in composition or contrast, but most of the time trash really is just a blight on the natural landscape. An unwelcome interruption. Still, I photograph what I find. Even if I’m not making any artistic contributions to the world, I am at least leaving a sort of sociological record. (Can you see the future dissertation title: “Bud Light and Flavored Cigars: A Study of the American Consumer in the early 21st Century”?)

20161003_111935.jpg7-Eleven, Coffee in the Leaves

20161003_112058.jpgAnnie’s and Minute Maid on the Shore

2016-10-05-09.35.18.jpg.jpgWhat I Like About You: Japanese Hops and Coca Cola

20161003_112216.jpgCoffee and a Yogurt

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  1. It is all the world I suppose there are people like that everywhere. What a shame they have no mind.

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