Wine on a school night! 

Quality all round with wine from The Wine Society in Cheltenham Pump Rooms with my daughter and son in law. Certainly though my own ability to taste and assess wines after the first dozen or so declined rapidly so how professional tasters do it I have no idea!


The Year of Sharon

So tonight we went to the Wine Society tasting evening hosted at the beautiful Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham. A Christmas present from dad and certainly too good an opportunity to pass when there’s a wine tasting evening on our own door step. So the three of us took on the tasting leaving mum to try and understand why Batman was fighting Superman!

The tasting made for a good evening and even though it is a school night we each tasted 20 different wines… in moderation of course! I’m pretty sure dad recirculated for seconds on a few top quality wines, whilst Michael made the most of any glasses I couldn’t finish. Thank goodness for the cheese and biscuits table and for Michael creating his “cracker pocket” so we had snacks readily available as we wandered between tasting tables. We were generally won over by an amazing Prosecco (truly better…

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